OSI Outsourcing Model

Over the years, OSI has listened to its clients’ needs and has gained valuable hands on experience. This has led to the development of a client service model that we feel offers our clients the highest value obtainable in the world of outsourcing. Rather than working in a traditional client-vendor relationship, OSI works to build a true partnership and become fully integrated into our clients’ operations.

Designed for long-term relationships, this solution attempts to fully integrate a team of highly dedicated Filipino professionals coupled with American Management into your existing business model. It strives to reach levels of sophistication previously unobtainable in the outsourcing world. The professional level of OSI employees coupled with open communication and OSI administrative and technical support enables the client to utilize their dedicated employees almost as if they were in another room instead of on the other side of the world.

This model works by creating a team of professional employees that are 100% dedicated to a specific client’s work. We recruit, test, co-train, and manage "your" employees while constantly working with you to optimize the value of the relationship. A strong recruitment policy with rigid testing along with high salary incentive enables OSI to identify and hire well-qualified employees. These employees function as if they were your own employees only located at a remote office.

We bill each employee out at a flat monthly rate, which depends on the skill level and compensation required to recruit the proper employee for your specific need. Also included in this rate, OSI provides the IT platform and facilities along with a seasoned management team that has a high success rate in coupling the Philippine labor resource to the specific needs of our client. This model allows you to fully receive the benefits of increased efficiency and productivity gained from experience since your monthly costs are fixed

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Offshore Outsourcing Services

We have worked with well known companies in many different business sectors such as a major US bank, a top legal publisher, and a leading IT service provided. The broad application of our business model can be seen in the following types of work that OSI has been involved with over the years:

Copy Editing and Proofreading
Technical and Press Release Writing
Book Styling and Cover Design
Software Development and QA
Marketing and Technical Research
Data Encoding and Formatting
Tagging and Data Entry
Financial Research and Analysis
Customized Research
Email and Chat Customer Service, Helpdesk
Administrative/Virtual Assistants